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fishermen are returning this evening. [ crying ] >> they're brothers. they're close. >> reporter: but now one of the brothers, brian wong, of berkeley, is missing. that's why the three remaining wong brothers have decided not to come home with the rest of the survivors today. brian's wife elsie is beside herself. >> told this me they are going to stay there and -- [ crying ] >> -- wait for brian. >> reporter: elsie says her husband was asleep as were the rest of the passengers of the erik early sunday morning when a violent storm suddenly sank the boat. 19 men swam for more than 15 hours. the water was treacherous but it's since calmed and there are many islands around. fishermen tell the family that others have been rescued in the area in the past after being stranded for days.
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that gives elsie hope. >> it's warm. hypothermia will not set in. i fear for sharks because glen told me he saw sharks in the water. i'm hoping that he has hit land and he's just waiting that all -- that they are on land all waiting to be rescued. they just have to find them. >> reporter: officials say divers are on the way to search the wreckage but still aren't in place for some reason. an air and land search continues. as tort survivors, 16 men left early this morning and we are told they are all driving home scheduled to arrive any moment. all but the wongs. >> seems kind of silly when i know they're down in mexico, but yet i look out the front window waiting for him to come home. [ crying ] >> married for over 25 years. >> reporter: clearly a lot of
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emotion. not just for the families of the missing, but also for the survivors. you know, there will be homecomings tonight allen but here at the home don lee, for example, two of the guys who piled into that one car are still missing. so it's just going to be like this for a while until they know what happened to their friends and family members. >> it's going to be bittersweet. relief with anxiety combined. huh, joe? >> reporter: exactly. >> joe vazquez in san ramon, thanks. nearly a year after the brutal murder of a college student in vallejo, an arrest. juliette goodrich was in the court when the victim's family came face to face with the suspect. >> his life was taken away. but his joy and smile will always with with us. >> reporter: almost a year after jessica's boyfriend 22- year-old rubin martinez was shot to death the two were on a date, she saw her boyfriend's alleged killer in a fairfield courtroom. he was arrested last night on murder charges. already behind bars on other
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charges. >> now i actually, you know, can actually see the person that has brought so much pain to this family. >> reporter: the victim's entire family showed up to see the suspect in court today. 24-year-old keith ford. they say rubin martinez had big dreams of going to college and being a success. >> his life was taken by a lost soul. >> reporter: investigators believe martinez tried to drive away after he had been shot. he lost control of his car and collided into a garage. he was pronounced dead at the scene, killed by gunfire. >> we ask the same question over and over. why him? he never fought. he didn't believe in fights. he believed in breaking up fights. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect is no stranger to crime. he has been arrested several times on weapons charges. detectives say this time ford left fingerprints at the scene of the murder. >> unfortunately for mr. ford
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here, he left his palmprint on the door of the car. so that's what -- there was that and there was also some anonymous information. >> reporter: investigators tell us that there were three suspects that fatal night. now, the alleged shooter is behind bars. but elizabeth, there are still two suspects that are at large and fairfield investigators hope people will come forward with information no questions asked. >> juliette goodrich in fairfield, thank you. last week we told you about a 7-year-old shopkeeper who died after police say he was pepper sprayed and hit on the head during a robbery. tonight police say they have arrested five teenagers in connection with that attack. inside the travis dairy in fairfield. the suspects range in ages from 15 to 18. police also found the cash register that was taken. officers say the man had a heart attack after the robbery and died. tonight police in pittsburg are looking for the gunman who
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shot a man in the back of the head on a hiking trail last night along the delta de anza regional trail near harbor street and atlantic avenue. officers found the man who had been shot about 8:30. he is now in the hospital on life support. police have identified him although they are not releasing his identity yet. they say that he was well known to the pittsburg police department. >> we do have some preliminary information during this investigation that suggests he was possibly shot at in the city of antioch a few days prior to this incident. this is definitely not a random act of violence. >> so far, no suspects, no arrests. the shooting happened just half mile from an apparent gang shooting in may. san francisco police say they have got their art thief. they say they have arrested the man seen in this security video who is believed to be carrying a picasso sketch stolen from an art gallery in union square. mike sugerman shows us how that video painted a perfect picture
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for police. mike. >> reporter: liz, he was caught on camera and then caught by police. 36 hours on the lam -- if he's the right guy. reporter: yesterday this dashing suspected art thief was in the movies. today he is in custody. >> this is an unbelievable piece of police work by the team at central station. >> reporter: the police chief proud of how they tracked down 31-year-old mark lugo who allegedly stole this "tete de femme" off the wall at the weinstein gallery and walked to a taxi. unfortunately for him, it was captured by security cameras at neighboring lefty o'doul's restaurant. >> this surveillance video, yes, helped us identify the individual. he also -- the cab driver also helped us locate the area where mr. lugo was staying. >> reporter: which was here at the upscale palomar hotel just a few blocks from the gallery. he had arrived monday from his
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home in new jersey. lugo who has a drug record was arrested hanging out with friends in napa last night. he is charged with grand theft, burglary, possession of stolen property and for substances they think were drugs found on him. a search of the hotel room found the drawing in this fedex box. >> the police think he had a buyer so my guess is that we were lucky with the timing that they got to him before that fedex box hit the mail because if he had fedexed it, we wouldn't ever see that piece. >> reporter: whether he came to town for the heist or this was just a crime of opportunity, gallery owner ronald weinstein can't be sure. so just how did a guy walk into the place and walk out with a quarter million-dollar piece of art? >> he must have somehow been able to get it off because everything like this is tied down. >> reporter: security measures will be evaluated. security cameras were installed at lefty's last year following the heist of a left arm.
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it was on a manny can of a ballplayer. >> i would encourage any business in the city really anything you can do in the way of installing videocameras only help us make our investigations more expeditious. >> reporter: so what's mr. lugo's side of the story? we went to the jail to see if he would talk to us. he didn't want to talk to us. probably wise when you're in jail. we wanted to ask. the picasso is in the d.a.'s custody and it should be returned to the gallery in a week. one of the more famous picassos now because it was hot. liz? >> i imagine mr. hugo is a little bit embarrassed. thank you. freedoms just days away for casey anthony. how some are trying to use public outrage over the verdict to change the law. getting paid for selling you out. the sneaky way major banks are cashing in on your shopping spree. >> and one mission remains. the bay area astronaut who is about to make history aboard the atlantis. ,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. casey anthony will be a free woman in less than a week. anthony, who was found not guilty of killing her 2-year- old, smiled when she arrived at court today to hear her punishment. her demeanor changed as the florida judge sentenced her to four years in jail, one year for each count of lying to police, during the search for her daughter caylee. >> as a result of those four separate and distinct lies, law enforcement expended a great deal of time. >> but the judge credited anthony with time served. that means anthony will walk free next wednesday. some say she got away with murder. >> it's not enough.
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she killed her own baby. [ screaming ] >> four states are now drafting legislation that would tighten requirements on missing persons reports. lawmakers in florida, oklahoma, new york and west virginia have all announced that they will propose versions of what's being called caylee's law. the law would make it a felony for not reporting a missing child immediately. that is currently a misdemeanor. within the past hour the oakland fire department has doused a small fire on top of a downtown high-rise. people reported smoke coming from the roof of this building at 15th and franklin. now, from chopper 5, we were able to see a blackened area on the top of the 15 story building. there it is right there. the fire department says a small pile of debris was on fire and was quickly put out. you probably aren't going to see much of this during california's wildfire season this summer. cal fire has dropped its contract with the company that supplies its dc-10s for
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firefighting. the aircraft cost california about $7 million a year to operate. >> tough budget times, we're having to make tough decisions and that was one of them. >> it's expensive, but it's cost-effective. and what is saved is -- of course, if you're talking lives, you can't put a price ton. >> the dc-10 will be available but it could take up to 4 hours to get them up in the air -- 24 hours to get them up in the air. there was a water main break. the force actually blew some of the ground right up into the air. crews restored service to the affected customers late this morning. now is a time to save some money. the five best things to buy in july. >> the world's best selling newspaper shutting down. the scandal involving undercover reporting techniques that triggered a major public
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backlash. good evening. been monitoring a 38-degree temperature span from the coast to the inland areas. now we'll pinpoint your friday forecast as eyewitness news continues. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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julie watts explains you probably don't if you depend on
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the label. do you know what's in your bottled water? on the consumerwatch julie watts explains you probably don't if you depend on the label. >> reporter: 183 waters were based on labeling transparency. does it tell you where the water comes from, how it's treated and here pure it is? when it comes to the clear label test, more than half of the waters flunked. of the big california brands, fiji water got a c. aquafina and he did zanny both scored d and crystal geyser got an f. more surprising most of the water purchased in california were out of compliance with state label laws. and if you have a favorite bottled water, your bank likely knows about it and could be cashing in on that information. banks and cardholders like citibank, wells fargo and discover are partnering with stores to send you targeted coupons based on your shopping habits. so the banks get a kickback from the stores when you use
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their coupons. some say, hey, it's a great idea, better than groupon because savings are based on your actual spending habits. but others cite privacy concerns. and banks are estimated to make about $1.7 billion off your purchases by the year 2015. and speaking of purchases, the website earnvess has compiled a list of the best buys in july. topping that list, butter. apparently this time year production is up so price are down and you can actually buy in bulk and freeze butter for six months. paint is also a good buy in july because it's so hot people aren't painting. need new suit? july is the time to buy as spring suits are on the way out. they are cheaper. and finally, furniture. also a good july buy as retailers are making space for new inventory. remember, if you have a consumer story idea or problem, give us a call 1-888-5-helps-u. >> thank you. tomorrow morning can mark the end of an era in manned
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space flight. the space shuttle atlantis is set for its 135th and final mission. one of the privileged few going for the ride, 48-year-old rex walheim of san carlos. he is a native of the bay area and a graduate of berkeley. they will lift off at 8:30 eastern time. there is rain in the forecast but nasa isn't ready to scrub the lunch yet. >> lots of rain in the forecast. >> this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out at san jose where so far the high is in the low 80s which is spot on for this time of the year. visibility is unlimited. let's head to the coast where we are socked in with areas of patchy fog along the immediate seashore. fog bank is 1,000 feet deep. there you have it around the
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entire coastline of the san francisco bay. this will gradually begin to push onshore. air temperatures in the mid-50s with the beaches with the cloud cover. otherwise low 60s in san francisco but sunshine inland. numbers in the low 90s. at 79 degrees in san jose. out and about this evening for the next 60 minutes, 50s, 60s to 90 degrees with sunshine away from the beaches. if you are heading out the giants baseball action game four against the padres, there is a breeze in the air. the winds are blowing from 18 to 24 so bundle up out to the park. go giants. here's your pinpoint forecast. notice the intrusion of the low clouds and fog. the marine layer overnight trying to march all the way a good 40 miles inland towards the dublin grade before retreating at lunch hour. the coast is going to be murky all day because of this area of low pressure north of the bay
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area it's going to hang out. we'll gradually see the cooling here in throughout the san francisco bay area. tonight with the blanket of the clouds at the coast and the bayside, clear skies inland. numbers banking between roughly 49 degrees at point reyes to about 60 degrees. the mild spot towards the tri- valley. tomorrow's daytime highs with the full-on sunshine inland coming down again 90 to 91 degrees the outside number. 91 tracy, oakley, mountain house, brentwood. upper 70s in santa rosa. that's spot on for summertime in san jose throughout santa clara and willow glen. 82 degrees the forecast high in redwood city. west winds 10 to 20. heading out to the alameda county fairgrounds make sure you have the sunblock, 91 degrees. fair, the fun, the festivities continue through sunday. five-day forecast, calls for the gradual cooling each day with sun the cooler of the two over the weekend. and by this time next week, as we extend your outlook a good
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seven days, we have unseasonably cool conditions on wednesday and thursday with the deepening marine layer. that's your pinpoint forecast. allen, elizabeth. >> thanks, roberta. from busy intersection to the atm, there is a camera just about everywhere. >> that's right. even in your belly. dr. kim joins us to explain. >> okay, guys, this is t take a look. >> reporter: a tiny cam that lets doctors see inside your small intestine. it's tough to reach with traditional end owoscopy. this little camera is a big help especially with crohn's disease. this incredible tiny camera is changing the way doctors diagnose and treat crohn's disease. >> sound good. >> reporter: that's a relief to patients like jennifer ramirez. for years she has ridden the roller coaster of a disease with painful symptoms. >> my quality of life was incredibly poor. i was in the bathroom all the time. i couldn't hardly eat all the time. i was weak. >> it's all just one big ulcer.
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>> reporter: they are using the camera to capture images to pinpoint the source of symptoms and gauging how well treatments are working. >> with the pill cam we have the equivalent of a hi-def video of what's going on on the inside. so the ability to pick up small lesions and even advanced lesions has come a long ways. so we are detecting these things at an earlier state now. >> the two work together to download the pictures as it's going. >> reporter: the patient wears the device to capture the data admitted by the pill cam. she swallows the device the size of a large vitamin and over the next 8 to 12 hours the camera snaps two images per second on average 55,000 frames to help the physician look for problem spots. for patients, there is no sensation except the relief they feel when get the help they need. >> you don't feel it going through your body. you don't really feel it coming out of your body. so it's great. >> reporter: doctors say the pill cam is a great addition to conventional scans taking away some of the guesswork and making their therapy more precise. >> this is one of the most
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noninvasive easiest ways to do it. >> reporter: the proceed sewer complete after 8 hours and the camera comes out other end and is flushed away. since it was approved by the fda, the pill cam has been used by more than a million patients here in the u.s. pretty need , huh? >> it's a giant pill to swallow. >> it's a horse pill and thankfully, they do coat with a nice slippery substance to make it go down more gently. >> weird take on reality tv. [ laughter ] >> roberta was saying, big brother on the inside! [ laughter ] >> no kidding. >> but very helpful. >> thank you. it's been in circulation for 168 years and sells nearly 3 million copies a week. the scandal that's led to the tabloid's final edition.
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to major salary cuts. the police union approved a vo this afternoon oakland police officers agreed to major salary cuts. the police union approved a voluntary new contract. among the new changes, officers
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will pay 9% toward their pensions. they will also give up holiday pay. and new hires will make less money. the new deal will prevent officer layoffs for the duration of the contract. it is expected to save the city $65 million over the next four years. a little bit of irony. the tobacco museum in san jose revealed some of its -- the tech museum in san jose revealed some of its personal not guilty was hacked. it was briefly posted on twitter before being taken down. the compromised data includes names, email addresses, home addresses as well and phone numbers from people that were registered on the museum's website. best selling tabloid "news of the world" is shutting down. the british newspaper's publisher rupert murdoch chose to stop the presses in the midst of a scandal involving hacked telephone messages. reporters are accused of breaking into the voicemail of murder victims, the families of dead soldiers and celebrities and then paying police officers for information. about 200 staffers will lose
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their jobs. "news of the world" will print its last edition on sunday. after their first official state visit up north the world's most popular newlyweds are heading down to southern california. prince william and his wife have been touring canada for a week but will fly to los angeles tomorrow morning. they will stay in the l.a. area for two days visiting beverly hills and charity events. los angeles police department that already increased security -- has already increased security in preparing for the royal visit. before the shuttle astronauts rocket into space, they get a lift from a team of highly trained elevator operators. but what happens to these employees when the shuttle program ends? find out tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,
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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. we're working on for eyewitness news at 6. derground. wh i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. buried inches underground, what a bay area gardener found in his backyard and why he got slapped with a $3,000 bill. >> recycling, it's almost like a religion for some in the bay area. but would you still do it if you had to pay? why one bay area city might charge neighbors to be green. so we'll have that and a whole lot more at 6:00. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the scott pelley is next. see you at 6:00. >> caption colorado, llc
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